Sunday, December 19, 2010

On Technology...

Oh technology. It is the bane of many people's existence and yet we cannot live without it (and don't tell me Amish people without computers are "living it up"). There is just so much to discuss about the topic, I'm not even sure where to begin. How about Facebook. Facebook has essentially changed the way we interact with each other online. "Hey, can you get on Facebook chat?" "Just message me on Facebook" "ROFL, did you see Bob's comment? So funny!" You probably notice these types of phrases everyday whether it's from people IRL or some other reference online. Sure, people still use AIM. IRC is prevalent among a select group of geeks. And email? Well, email is just still email. Best for professional work stuff and sort of clunky for anytime real time collaboration or a really poor man's chat.

Is it because Facebook uses real people's names instead of referring to people as "cyborg55"? Is is because of the user interface? Peer pressure? Meh, it's probably a combination of those things and many others.

Next post: I expand on my epic cliffhanger.

Friday, December 17, 2010

A New Beginning!

Ah, so nice to finally enter the blogging world. I guess my plans for this blog is to update it fairly frequently with thing that I find interesting or just random little tidbits or thoughts here and there. If you were wondering about the name of the blog, I named it this because I think hamsters are pretty cool little animals and maybe I'll even make a few posts pertaining to them but be assured, this will not be a blog completely dedicated to hamsters. In the meanwhile, make sure you follow my blog and just keep and eye out for the next update! See you again soon!